Ramsey Ravens Archery Club

Results for the 2017 Anniversary Tournament are now available and can be seen here! Congratulations to all involved for a fantastic day.

We formed the club in 2014 with the aim (excuse the pun!) of making the sport of archery more accessible to everyone.  To help us do this, we teamed up with Living Sport who helped us set-up our ‘Pay-n-Play’ sessions which we now run monthly all year round.

Come and try archery

Our ‘Pay-and-Play’ archery sessions take place at the Old Nene Golf & Country Club.

Come and try archery for only £5 per person for 1.5 hours.

Book your place here.

Beginner’s Courses

 Our latest participants have all successfully completed their course, congratulations!

If you would like to learn target archery; whether you want to shoot socially, at club level or competitively. Whether you would like to shoot an Olympic Recurve bow, Compound or traditional bows like the English Longbow, American flatbow or Mongolian horsebow, our beginner’s course is the place to start.


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Upcoming Events


Pay ‘n Play
3rd June

Fast Track Beginners’ Course
24th – 25th June

Pay ‘n Play

Ramsey Colts Fun Day, Ramsey
9th July – Have a go, turn up and play

Sport in the Park, Hinchingbrooke
30th July – Have a go, turn up and play

Pay ‘n Play
5th August – ALMOST FULL